Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

An Overview of Medical Supplies

What are medical supplies?

Broadly speaking, these are materials and items used in the provision and promotion of health care. Medical supplies can also include things used at the preventive stage of disease and health support stage. One way of classifying these items is:

  • Supplies for prevention
  • Diagnostic supplies
  • Curative stage medical supplies
  • Surgical procedures supplies
  • Orthopedic and physical therapy support supplies
  • Office furniture
  • Sterilization/disinfectant supplies

Medical supplies for prevention

Disease or health deterioration prevention is important to both patient and health care giver. Common medical supplies in this category include the following.

For the health care giver

  • Facial masks for protection against dust and droplet infections to and from the patient
  • Examination gloves for hygienic patient examination and protection for medical staff from contamination with potentially infective body fluids and other material
  • Various types of lab/dust coats for protecting staff garments form soiling and contamination
  • Footwear that protects feet against stress disorders

For the patient

As much as gloves and face masks protect the medical staff, they also protect the patient from contamination with harmful microorganisms transmitted through staff. Other medical supplies for patient protection include:

  • Medical staff scrub-wear
  • Patient gowns
  • Disinfection and sterilization solutions and equipment. An example of this is alcohol swabs and sterilization pouches

Diagnostic medical supplies

These are used in the investigative stage of a health condition with the aim of establishing the exact type of problem. This allows for the mapping out of the best treatment approach. Common supplies in this category include:

  • Specimen collection aides such as tongue depressors, swab-sticks, speculums and proctoscopes
  • Vital signs monitoring equipment for the non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures. Included here are all types of blood pressure machines, various types of thermometers, respirometers, stethoscopes and electrotherapy related supplies
  • Screening and testing medical supplies for establishing the biochemistry state of the body. Blood sugar and lipid tests are just two of the many that fall into this group

Curative stage medical supplies

The next stage after an accurate diagnosis is to treat the identified problem. The treatment can involve medications in conjunction with non-pharmaceutical supplies like:

  • Hypodermic needles and syringes of various types and sizes
  • Hydrogen peroxide and other wound care solutions
  • Wound care products such as the many types and brands of gauze, sponges, bandages and other wound dressing materials
  • Braces and supports for various types of injuries that can benefit from a sling, collar, compression/firm and back support. Medical casting tape and cast padding are also important in the application of braces and support

Surgical procedures medical supplies

This is an indefinitely wide field. It includes sterilization equipment, suction equipment and different types of prep pads such as those soaked in povidone. Others are surgical blades, numerous types and brands of dental equipment. All types of sutures can also be grouped with these medical supplies.

Staff and staff personal care

Medical supplies in this group include different types of items used for enhancing hygienic care. They include medical wipes and cleaning brushes with a variety of bristles and colors. Mobility aides such as motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs help the patient lead a more active life.

Miscellaneous medical supplies

These are nonetheless important. They facilitate the effective provision of health care. They include room furniture. Folding set-up screen, stools, examination couches and storage boxes or cabinets are all necessary. Different types of clinical recliner chairs make the patient more comfortable and the care giver give services more easily.

Every health condition or situation has corresponding medical supplies for its management.

There are Medical Supplies for Doctors and also Home Medical Equipment.

Popular Products

Face Masks
Coats & Jackets
Exam Gloves
Applicators, Depressors, Swabsticks, Jellies, Speculas, etc.
Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide
Blood Pressure, Electrotherapy, General, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, etc.
Barrier Film, Batteries, Bowls, Bulbs, Disinfectants, Liners, Solidifiers, Sterilization, etc.
Table Paper
Needles & Syringes
Office Supplies
Patient & Personal Care
Braces & Support