Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment

MDSupplies carries a full line of Home Medical Equipment from oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, CPAP units, hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, and all traditional home medical equipment needs.

Home Medical Equipment, devices, products and supplies are products that are used by nonprofessional caregivers. These medical products typically are used by family members or the individuals themselves.

The products are usually used at home or other private facility.

Home Medical Equipment can also be referred to as: Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Home Medical Equipment, (HME), Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS).

Examples of HME include:
Bathroom Safety / In-Home Care
Canes and Crutches
Shoes and Splits
Portable Oxygen Equipment
Home Infusion Therapy
Hospital Beds
Patient lifts
Respiratory Assist Devices
Walkers, Strollers, and Wheelchairs

In the past, many of these products were purchased from local pharmacies, but more and more consumers are turning to the internet because of the substantial savings on these products.

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