Medical Supplies for Doctors

Medical Supplies for Doctors

Medical Supplies for Doctors are products and equipment that are used by various types of doctors, physicians and providers. Examples of doctors include general practice doctors, specialty doctors such as OB/GYN and Pediatricians, and also non-human doctors such as veterinarian and animal care doctors.

Professional doctors can be practicing inpatient hospital services or outpatient hospital facility services; both use the same types of supplies.

Common types of these supplies include the full gambit of the more common "disposable supplies" (which include items like bandages, applicators, and sponges), but also can range all the way up to heart monitors and high-end life saving equipment.

Nearly all doctors will require disposable supplies, but depending on the type of doctor you are or area of specialty, will depend on the types of equipment and "specialized supplies" you require.

Many doctors also "dispense" medication to their patients right in their office (eliminating the need for the patients to go to a pharmacy), and are now adding durable medial equipment (DME) to their dispensed products. DME are also considered medical supplies for doctors.

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Face Masks
Coats & Jackets
Exam Gloves
Applicators, Depressors, Swabsticks, Jellies, Speculas, etc.
Skin Preparation
Blood Pressure, Electrotherapy, General, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, etc.
Table Paper
Needles & Syringes
Casting Tape
Cast Padding
Room Furnishings
Surgery & Procedure
Testing & Screening
Wound & Skin Care

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