Home Care, and In Home Care

Home Care, and In Home Care

Home Care and In Home Care, An Overview of Health Products and Supplies

Proper in home care is crucial to many people, including but not limited to seniors. With the right products and supplies, many patients can effectively manage and care for common problems associated with various health issues at home.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) can be maintained to a large extent for both the patient and the care giver. A patient can be having a disease or disability that leads to other problems such as vomiting, urine incontinence, bowel motion disorders and many other symptoms.

Specific products are available to solve specific health challenges.

Urine and Urine Related Problems Supplies

Most of these items address urine drainage and collection. Various types of catheters are used for this purpose. This includes indwelling and non-indwelling catheters. Other supplies are hygiene related for the comfort of the patient. Urine collection products comprise of standard or leg bags.

The choice of such home care products depend on whether the urine is collected through the urethra, supra-pubic region or even from the ureters. The other determining factor is the patient's degree and type of disability and lifestyle choices. General ostomy products are also used in patients with stomas in place.

Various types of ostomy bags and accessories form an important home care aspect for patients who need them.

Examples of Sponges and Pads.

General Purpose Bedside Bags

These collection bags come in various sizes and types. They can be used to collect vomitus due to any cause. Where a fluid input and output record is needed, there are calibrated bags that make this easy.

They also come as standard or latex free for people allergic to the natural rubber latex.

Examples of Bedside Bags.

Bathroom Safety Products

The risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom is increased for persons with disability. Proper forethought measures can help to minimize this risk.

Common bathroom safety products include:

  • Bathroom chairs
  • Shower chairs
  • Special toilet seats that are elevated with grab bars available for added safety
  • Grab bars around the sink, shower or bath

Bathroom safety products must also consider the type of door and room. It should be easy for an assistant to get into the bathroom should the patient need assistance urgently. Floors must be slip-resistant or special rugs used on wet surfaces. Depending on the nature of disability, a handheld shower can be the ideal choice.

Examples of Bathroom Safety Products.

Pressure Sores Management

These are a nightmare to the nursing fraternity and must be prevented actively. Once they have occurred, they are very difficult to treat. The same products used during pressure sores management can be used for prevention.

These include:

  • Unique foam or sheepskin covers for mattresses
  • Bed covers that can be made softer by means of injected air or fluid
  • Special low-pressure products that include cushions and orthopedic mattresses that conform to the body's contours

Examples of Pressure Prevention and Management Products.

Commodes and Bedpans

This is special type of chair fitted with a toilet bowl that can be easily removed. The seat can be padded or not. Others have wheels while others do not. Wheeled commodes must be locked to avoid accidents. When the toilet bowl is removed, the seat can be used in the shower.

Bedpans are alternatives to commodes but difficult to use by immobile patients unless they have somebody to help them. Disposable bedpans are available in most medical supply stores. Patients who are unable to stand and sit in a commode should use a bedpan.

Examples of Commodes.

Examples of Bed Pans.

There Are Many Other bedside care products include wipes, briefs & diapers, commode parts & toilet liners, soaps and if necessary, disinfectant solutions.

A Medical Supply Store or Durable Medical Equipment Store will offer a wide variety of these products and have a wide range to fit every user's budget and needs.

To see all of these types of products, browse the Home Care section.