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A medical supply store is a place online to shop for medical supplies and equipment. The eCommerce website typically has a wide selection of products available for customers to chose from and purchase.

Here is how an online medical supply store operates

For many years, brick and mortar medical supply stores involved stocking all types of health related stuff. While this business model has worked, the coming of the internet has changed all that. But what is an online medical supplies store? This is online purchasing of medical supplies without visiting a physical property where the products are stocked. The monetary transactions are done over the internet by means of a web browser. Setting up an online store has a number of advantages over a physical store.

These advantages include:

  • Low operating costs. This type of shop does not require stocking of physical products which greatly reduces inventory expenses.
  • Time saving. The customer does not need to visit any physical location to transact business. Everything can be done in the comfort of their home or office.
  • A wide selection of medical supplies from many different manufacturers is available. This, in addition to lower operating costs makes it possible to offer these supplies to customers at very competitive prices.
  • Bulk selling is possible and is not limited by geographical locations.
  • Unlike traditional stores, online stores are 24/7. They don't need continuous manning. It also means that regardless of the different time zones, people can continue shopping throughout the day.
  • An online store for medical supplies (like MDSupplies) has better visibility and can be found by customers throughout the world due to search engine optimized content.

How does an online medical supply store work?

There are several components involved in this type of business transaction. The major parts of these are:

  • A medical supplies web hosting server.
  • Merchant interface tools to support all transaction operations.
  • Product catalog is what the customer see when they visit for example. This includes lists or pictures of the available products with their prices and manufacturers indicated. Product information is usually included for each product. It is on this page that customers make buying decisions or seek further information about products or business transaction.
  • Shopping cart. This is a virtual cart where the customer places their orders.
  • Payment processing. This involves credit card processing or the use of other forms of online payment options such as Google Checkout and PayPal.
  • Shipping follows successful payment processing and confirmation of funds availability. Once MDSupplies has confirmed this, it pays the various product vendors and manufacturers who ship the purchased medical supplies directly to the customer.

What can be purchased from an online medical supply store? The products available are almost limitless. An online merchant like MDSupplies has over 30,000 medical supplies products. These are products from many different manufacturers and vendors. Many more products are being added every day. There is no physical store that can dream of having such an inventory in the real world. The medical supplies classification ranges from:

  • Surgical procedure items
  • Personal and patient care products
  • Physical therapy aides
  • Wound and skin care products
  • Diagnostic kits
  • Disinfectants and sterilization equipment and solutions
  • Work place safety equipment
  • Physical examination equipment such as blood pressure machines, thermometers, stethoscopes, electrotherapy equipment and many, many more.

The ease and relatively low costs of running an online medical supplies store offers the customer the benefit of lower prices and a convenient method of goods delivery.

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