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Carie Boyd Lipo B w/o Vit C $0.00/Vials Carie Boyd LIP-WO-VIT-10ML

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Lipo B w/o Vit C (LIP-WO-VIT-10ML)

By Carie Boyd

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  • Brand: Carie Boyd
  • Product ID / Part Number: LIP-WO-VIT-10ML
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Lipo B (w/o Vit C)

Concentration per mL = Methionine10/Inositol 5/Choline 5/Hydroxocobalamin1/Niacin 50/Thiamine 50/Pyridoxine 5/Riboflavin 50/Dexpanthenol5/Lidocaine 10mg/mL

Volume = 10mL / 50mL
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Carie Boyd

Carie Boyd:
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How do we do this? Product, process, and people. Our 503B FDA outsourcing license allows us to provide office-use products whether that be injectables, pellets, topicals for many wellness concerns. Second, our cGMP certified process is much more stringent than any other USP standard other pharmacies may use. So you can rest assured that you're receiving a safe, potent and well-made product before you prescribe or administer it.

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