Meet Our Premium Partners

Throughout the medical industry, we are directly integrated with and partnered with the leading companies in their respective space; including physician dispensing, pharmaceutical billing and collection, urine drug testing, prescription drug reporting, mail-order pharmaceuticals, and drug pedigree management.

Choosing only industry leading partners, is top priority.

MDScipts Physician Dispensing Software


Industry Leading Physician Dispensing Platform.

More providers trust MDScripts than any other dispensing solution on the market today.

MDScripts provides the comprehensive set of tools needed to manage in-office dispensary; from single-practitioner locations to multi-state enterprise health organizations.

PMPReport PMP Reporting Software


Industry Trusted Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Management Software

A complete end-to-end prescription drug monitoring program reporting and management system.

Features include a Single Data File, Instant Error Checking and Automatic Compliancy.



The industry leader in laboratory information management systems, including a full solution for data exchange interfaces between the doctor or provider and the laboratory.

The MDPatients reporting system allows access to up-to-the-minute drug toxicology results and updates live the electronic submission files used for reporting toxicology test results back to the provider.

MDPatients is integrated with numerous industry leading laboratories across the United States, and has demonstrated time and time again the flexibility to stay compliant with the latest regulations.



Industry leader in pharmacy billing and reimbursement solutions, including compounding pharmacies filling prescriptions for worker's compensation.

A full end-to-end solution, including reimbursement policies and plans, third party resolutions, third party reimbursements, healthcare reimbursements and coordination of benefits.

The Rx Billing solution also includes a fully automated electronic adjudication billing system.



A full solution industry leader in the data exchange between doctors or providers and toxicology laboratories.

In addition to transmission of patient data and the return transmission of toxicology test results, ToxPlus provides a complete solution for billing and factoring.

The additional and unique component of the ToxPlus software allows for providers to be compensated right away for their work.

Sun Health


Provides Medical and Dental Services to a growing population that do not qualify for Obamacare and can not get Medicaid.

A licensed Discount Medical Plan Organization which is regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.

Affordable access to highly trained and qualified providers and services.