Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Supplies and Products for Vital Sign Testing

Keeping a check on the vital signs of the body is extremely important to ensure running of the body's basic functions. The measurement of the vital signs assist to assess the general physical health of the patient, offering clues to the possible malady and showing progress towards recovery.

There are four main general vital signs of any particular living body: The body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and the rate of breathing. Keeping in track these four vital signs is key to ease in life.

There could be very complex products for keeping in track the vital signs, but the ones for the above mentioned general vital sign testing are discussed below for further understanding:


This device stands most commonly used for the purpose of measuring the body temperatures. Having two elements, of which one is the temperature sensor, in which some changes occur with temperature and the other part is the means of converting the specific change into numerical values. Used for the last two thousand years, it is one device that is essential to keeping check and balances on the health of human body.



This is one acoustic device used in medical for auscultation and listening to the internal sounds of a body. In normal cases, it has a disc-type resonator which is placed against the chest and used for hearing the sounds through the two tubes connected to earpieces. Normally helpful for hearing the lungs sound and the heart, it can also be used to hear the intestine and the flow of blood in the blood circulation system. Available now in electronic forms, the stethoscope is among those devices that are again a must for every household and tends to be one characteristic of every doctors supplies.


Blood Pressure Equipment:

The Blood Pressure measuring equipment are extremely important. In the world today, with our growing maladies and tensions, the blood pressure seems to vary. These varying blood pressures need to be reported as soon as possible or could result in worse cases. For the same, blood pressure measuring equipment is a must for every house.

Blood Pressure Equipment


These are the medical devices used for transferring the energy of ionic currents into electrical currents in the body. These currents are then amplified and are a proven way of assistance in diagnosing various diseases. Normally consisting of a lead, metal and electrode conducting paste, they proceed with quantifying the ionic currents and the outcomes in diagnosing of multiple ocular, cardiac, nervous disorders. These function through provision of specific electrical contact between apparatus being used in monitoring activities of the patient. These turn out strong measurement for the vital signs for the efficient running of the human body.

Electrodes / Electrotherapy

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