Types of Gloves

Types of Gloves

The Different Types of Gloves

Gloves come in many different types, and are intended for different uses. Listed below are some of the more common types of gloves.

Examination Gloves

These include the types used in hospitals and also in some scenes of crime. Common materials used in making these gloves include latex, nitrile, polyethylene and vinyl.

Surgical Gloves

These resemble examination gloves in many ways. Some types are made with synthetic material to cater for users with natural latex allergy. They can also be made special for certain types of surgeries such as some gynecology procedures.

General Purpose Gloves

These are made of materials like cotton, vinyl, nylon and nitrile. They are ideal for industrial use and other places where non-powdered gloves are ideal. Such setups include laboratories.

Specialty Gloves

These types of gloves are made to meet the challenges and risks associated with certain occupations. They are usually made of a combination of materials to meet such qualities. For example, cut resistant gloves are lined with Kevlar which makes them resistant to minor cuts.

Finger Cots are not gloves in the real sense. However, they offer protection to fingers and wounds in such areas. They improve on grip for firm hold. They also protect surfaces against finger prints.

Heat resistance gloves are yet another type of specialty gloves. These are made of tough material and can withstand very high temperatures. They are ideal for chefs and other occupations where heat is a main feature.

Gloves can be powdered or non-powdered. This is determined by the nature of the job they are intended for. Others can be made of natural latex or of synthetic material to have an option for those who are allergic to latex.

Whatever the needs, there is a glove type to meet that need.

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