Pellet Insertion Procedure

Pellet Insertion Procedure

The Pellet Insertion Method:

A small incision is made, and the hormone pellet is inserted. After, the insertion site is covered with a small bandage. The pellet dissolves, and the body absorbs the contents, leaving nothing behind. Every patient's symptoms are unique, so each journey is customized to fit your needs.

Materials: (provided in the trocar kits)

Disposable trocar kit with 3 piece trocar Pellets (implants) Alcohol wipe (to swab the top of the local anesthetic) 1% lidocaine with epinephrine (without epi if allergic) Sodium Bicarbonate Skin tape (paper)

Post Pellet Insertion Instructions:

Avoid vigorous physical activity for 2 days Stair stepper, elliptical cross trainer, cycling or any activity that uses the gluteal muscles should be avoided immediately following the procedure. You may remove the white gauze dressing and shower the next day. The skin tapes (steri-strips) may be removed in 5-7 days. You may have slight redness around the small incision. This is normal. Minimal discomfort following the procedure is also normal. Infection is very rare (1:100) insertions however if redness and swelling increase after 48 hours you may have a minor skin infection or bruising. You may apply a warm washcloth or heating pad to the area Rarely a prescription for antibiotics (e.g. Keflex) is needed



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