Exam Gloves

Exam Gloves

The Difference Between Disposable Exam Gloves

Gloves were first invented in the earlier years as a means of germ preventer. However, the use of the hands of doctor in surgery, in medical procedures as of drawing blood for a test, giving injections, collecting different type of samples and so on. There are many types of gloves available in the market today. These gloves are in general protects the personnel of the healthcare sector as well as the patients. However, the use of each of them is questionable in different sectors of the healthcare industry. When it comes to the examination gloves, the major types of gloves, which can be used in for these purposes, are nitrile and latex gloves.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves are obtained from the natural sources as from the rubber. This is very much popular in the medical industry, right from its invention. Why does this latex made gloves is popular?

This is solely due to its greater attributes such as:

  • They fit like a second skin; this allows the user to feel comfortable with the usage.
  • Thus, the extra comfort and dexterity allows the very high level of the sensitivity to touch.
  • This comfort and high sensitivity to touch make them a good choice to wear and use it for a longer duration of time.
  • These latex made gloves are very much useful to transfer or to deal with highly contagious or infective materials.
  • These are very much elastic in nature and very strong. They do not get tear by wearing it.
  • The latex made gloves are biodegradable, which means these gloves can be degraded as decompose; hence, there is no threat to the environment. Environmentally safe gloves.

What are the problems associated with latex made gloves?

  • The allergic protein in this latex made them not comfortable for everyone. This can be the major drawback with the latex made gloves.
  • It is not economically cheap but not very expensive.
Latex Exam Gloves

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are made out of an artificial or a synthetic rubber unlike the latex from natural rubber. However, Nitrile gloves can be immediate alternative for the latex allergy people. This makes them as one of the superior gloves in the industry. However, why does the nitrile gloves are the best alternative and a superior option than the latex gloves. This is because,

  • They are latex protein free; this means that the protein, which causes allergic reaction, is removed from these synthetic rubbers.
  • These are very much superior due to this unique property of puncture resistant. We are always hearing the stories of puncture of gloves in surgery, in injection rooms and in many places. But, the nitrile gloves can be the real alternative for this dangerous situation.
  • These nitrile gloves can take the form of your hand, and thus allows you to feel more comfortable with it and allows a greater degree of sensitivity to touch.
  • This makes them an ideal for the longer duration usage.
  • These gloves made out of nitrile can be best to use with the hazardous chemicals as well as with the contagious materials.
  • These gloves can be stored for a longer duration of time than the latex gloves, where they turn color when they get old.
  • The availability of these gloves made out of nitrile rubber in various colors as of black and blue, helps to spot the punctured areas and so on.

What are the problems associated with the nitrile gloves?

  • They are expensive
  • These cannot be biodegradable, and gives a slight chance of environmental pollution or environmental non-friendly.
Nitrile Exam Gloves

Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves very rarely steps into the medical industry due to its thin nature, but used mainly in the food industry where the durability is an important concern. Why these vinyl gloves can be useful?

  • They are economically available (low cost).
  • They lack the allergy causing latex protein, hence; can be the alternative to the latex gloves.
  • These gloves are anti-static, which allows them to use with comfort.
  • They are loosely fit with your hand.

Why these gloves are not good option?

  • They lack the protection function, which the other gloves have.
  • They cannot be used for longer duration.
  • They are very thin and can puncture easily.
Vinyl Exam Gloves

Powdered gloves vs. Powder free gloves

The powdered gloves are useful in wearing them. They make the gloves to roll onto the hand easily.However; the powder elements in the gloves are very much dangerous. There are many reports released by the FDA and thus most of the healthcare industry reduces or stopped the usage of the powdered gloves in their environment.

The powder in these gloves can act as the allergen, which can cause allergy and can cause respiratory allergy for the patient or to the doctor itself. There are many more diseases as of rhinitis, conjunctivitis, dyspnea, peritoneal adhesions, and granuloma formation. Therefore, there are many disadvantages with the usage of powdered gloves.

Powder free gloves undergoes a special chlorine wash, which removes all sort of the available powder and thus can be safe to use in the surgeries as well as in the medical examinations. However, the chlorination process costs more and requires extensive washing.


As a conclusion, the question of what to wear during the medical examination is very much questionable. Whether it is latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves, the choice of the gloves depends on the situation as well as on the type of usage required. It is widely formulated that the use of powdered gloves is dangerous in surgeries as well as in the medical examination.

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