Applicator Uses, Types and Available Sizes

Applicator Uses, Types and Available Sizes

An Overview of Applicators - Before You Buy

Applicators: Including the uses, types, and available size options. What you should know, before you buy.

Many medical procedures cannot be carried out effectively without the use of an applicator. Without this product, many laboratory processes and wound care procedures would be impossible. There are many types of applicators that differ in sizes and are designed for specific jobs. The following are among the wide variety that you will find available from MDSupplies.

6 Inch, 12 Inch and 18 Inch Silver Nitrate Applicators

Some mucus membrane and skin conditions may benefit from cauterization. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is by using silver nitrate applicators. This applicator not only achieves this but it is designed to apply the highly corrosive substance accurately to where it is needed. This helps to protect the surrounding healthy tissue. Common uses of silver nitrate applicators include:

  • Warts
  • Skin tags
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Suppression of granular tissue overgrowth
  • Cauterizing bleeding vessels

The length of the applicator used depends on the ease of accessibility of the area where it is being used.

12 Inch Wood Applicators

Occasionally it is necessary to apply or smear creams or gels on clean gauze or other surfaces. The 12-inch wood applicator is a functional and economical aid to achieve this. Other than smearing, it is also useful in procedures that require stirring liquids. Other wood applicators available include:

  • 6 inch wood applicator
  • 5.5 inch wood applicators
  • 4.5 inch wood applicators
  • 3.5 inch wood applicators
  • 3 inch wood applicators

Other uses of wood applicators are in cosmetic and related industries. They can be used for:

  • Applying wax
  • Mixing liquids or pastes
  • Applying lotions
  • Application of makeups

The size and length of the applicator is determined by its intended use.

Cotton Tipped Applicators

This applicator includes a piece of cotton rolled at its tip. The applicator itself may be made of wood, plastic or paper. The size of the tip may differ depending on its use. Common uses include:

  • First aid procedures
  • Applying ointments
  • Applying makeup
  • Taking swabs for microbiological investigations such as culture and sensitivity tests
  • Taking DNA samples
  • Application of cleaning solutions

At MDSupplies a variety of cotton tipped applicators are available. They include:

  • 3 inch cotton tipped applicators
  • 6 inch cotton tipped applicators
  • 8 inch cotton tipped applicators

Caution: Many people use cotton tipped applicators to clean their ears. This is not one of the intended uses of these applicators. The risk of damaging the eardrum is high. Many people have developed hearing problems after this seemingly harmless ear cleaning activity. See a qualified ear specialist when you think your ears need cleaning.

The different lengths of cotton tipped applicators are used to suit the task at hand. For example, a short applicator will be okay for taking a skin swab. On the other hand, a throat or a high vaginal swab will require maybe an 8-inch cotton tipped applicator. Age also determines the size as children will definitely need comparatively smaller applicators than adults.

At the MDSupplies Medical Supply Store, you are sure to get the right applicators according to your needs, whether you need them for medical or non-medical uses.