All About Discount Latex Gloves

All About Discount Latex Gloves

What are latex gloves?

Latex gloves are the most commonly used protective gloves in many health and beauty setups. They are moderately cheap to produce and offer user related good experience. However, they are associated with a high incidence of contact adverse reactions in some people.

The raw material for these gloves is an extracted sap from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. In the factory, the latex goes through various processes that enhance their elasticity and durability. Depending on the end product desired, the gloves go through a powdering process. If powdering is not needed, chlorination or coating the gloves with a polymer is done. The two approaches make the gloves much easier to put on and to remove.

Effort is made to remove as much of free latex from the gloves as possible. However, this does not completely remove the risk of allergy to this natural rubber in sensitive people.

Despite the risk of allergic reaction to the natural rubber component of latex gloves, they possess desirable properties that make them popular with many users.

These include:

  • They snuggly fit. An important thing where dexterity is vital as in many surgical procedures
  • They don't affect feeling which is also important for certain procedures.
  • They are strong enough for handling risky and infectious material
  • They are environmentally friendly since they are biodegradable
  • They are comfortable for prolonged procedures

Latex gloves are not all made the same. Hospital grade gloves go through more rigorous testing to make sure that the user and the patient are adequately protected. These types are relatively more expensive but their use demands the higher standards.

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