Wound Care Supplies

Wound Care Supplies

Wound Care Supplies & Dressings consist of "Traditional Wound Care" and "Advanced Wound Care" products and supplies.

Examples of Traditional Wound Care supplies include:

Bandages (stretch, fabric, plastic, elastic, gauze, etc.)
Cotton & Wood Products
Gauze Dressings
Non-Woven Dressings
Small Procedure Kits
Specialty Dressings

Examples of Advanced Wound Care supplies include:

Hydrophilic Dressing
Hydrogel Dressings
Alginate Dressings
Collagen Dressings
Hydrocolloid Dressing
Thin Absorbent Dressings (TASA)
Non-Woven Island Dressings
Foam Dressings
Absorbent Dressing
Silicone Wound Contact Layers
Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings
Wound Closure Strips

Popular Products

Antiseptics & Cleaners
Sponges and Pads

All Wound Care Products