What are Medical Supplies

What are Medical Supplies

What are Medical Supplies? Medical supplies is the more common term for medical equipment (also known as armamentarium).

Armamentarium is defined as:
1. The complete equipment of a physician or medical institution, including books, supplies, and instruments.
2. The complete range of materials available or used for a task.

Types of medical supplies include consumable medical supplies (also referred to as disposable supplies), diagnostic and testing supplies and equipment, durable medical equipment, acute care supplies, surgical supplies, home health care supplies, diabetic supplies, electronic and life saving equipment, and much more. Each of these types of medical supplies have unique characteristics and features that help them do the job they are intended for.

As an example, consumable medical supplies are often disposable, one-time use, non-durable products that are used both by health care professionals and also at-home individuals.

In the past, medical supplies and equipment were primarily bought from local sales people and company representatives going door-to-door. As technology continues to improve, more and more of these products are being found and purchased through the internet and often directly from the manufacturers. By purchasing these products directly from the manufacturers, it often results in a substantial cost savings for the same products once purchased from local sales people.

With the popularity growth of companies like Amazon and others, consumers and purchasing departments of companies are now learning to shop online for their products.

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