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Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus (GCP Plus) is one of the most reliable and dependable specialty pharmaceutical distributors in the country. Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus is registered with the FDA and is compliant with the FDA Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and our distribution facility meets or exceeds all state, national, and Board of Pharmacy requirements and standards.

Gulf Coast Pharmaceuticals Plus is committed to the safety and security of the nations pharmaceutical supply chain. We only purchase branded and generic pharmaceuticals directly from licensed and accredited pharmaceutical suppliers.

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Seqirus USA Inc 70461-0120-03 $977.00 / Pack of 10

Seqirus USA Inc FLUAD QUAD PFS HD 2020-21 10NR - PF - 65YR+ - COLD (70461-0120-03)

$977.00 / Pack of 10 97.7 per unit

Sold & Shipped by GCP Plus

NDC# 70461-0120-03 Package Description: 10 SYRINGE, GLASS in 1 CARTON > .5 mL in 1 SYRINGE, GLASS (70461-120-04) Injection, Suspension (10 syringes come... More

Seqirus USA Inc 33332-0420-10 $465.00 / Vial

Seqirus USA Inc AFLURIA IIV4 MDV 2020-21 1NR - 6 MO+ - COLD (33332-0420-10)

$465.00 / Vial 465.0 per unit

Sold & Shipped by GCP Plus

NDC# 33332-0420-10 per vial (10 doses come in a vial). Afluria Quadrivalent AFLURIA IIV4 MDV 2020-21 1NR - 6 MO+ - COLD Influenza A Virus A/victoria/2454/20... More

 66019-0307-10 $657.00 / Each

FLUMIST IIV4 SPRAY 2020-21 10NR - 2YR-49YR - COLD (66019-0307-10)

$657.00 / Each 657.0 per unit

Sold & Shipped by GCP Plus

NDC# 66019-0307-10 FLUMIST IIV4 SPR 2020-21 10NR - 2YR-49YR - COLD Nasal Spray. Flumist Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine Live Intranasal More

Lifsa Drugs LLC 72336-0077-1 $3160.00 / Each

Lifsa Drugs LLC LifEMS Nalozone, Narcan (1mg/mL) 2mL Single Dose Prefilled Syringe Min-I-Jet (72336-0077-1)

$3160.00 / Each 3160.0 per unit

Sold & Shipped by GCP Plus

Category: HUMAN PRESCRIPTION DRUG LABEL NDC# 72336-0077-1 ANDA #072076 (Nalozone) This single pre-filled syringe has been packaged with an alcohol swab... More