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Bathing Aids

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Graham Field 1537 $8.27 / EA

Graham Field Flat Bath Thermometer (1537)

$8.27 / EA 8.27 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Graham-Field

Glass thermometer with dual graduated scale, fully recessed in 9" long, smoothly finished wooden housing. Measures both Fahrenheit (20° - 140°F) and Centigrade (0° - 60°C)

Lifestyle Essen. RTL1027 $20.81 / Each

Lifestyle Essen. Aluminum Long Handled Cleaning Sponge, 30" (RTL1027)

$20.81 / Each 20.81 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Drive Medical

Long Bath Sponge, 30 Offset, 1EA
The 30"" Long Handled Cleaning Sponge by Lifestyle Essentials is useful for personal bathing or everyday household chores. The length of these washing sponges make it easier to reach hard to clean areas. The handle on the 30"" sponge was manufactured in al...

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Lumex 590R-1 $31.00 / Each


$31.00 / Each 31.0 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Graham-Field

Essential Items to help avoid bending or twisting after hip or knee surgery. Features: - Shoe Horn - Helps guide your foot into a shoe without bending - Reacher - Helps you reach items at higher or lower levels without bending or stretching - Sponge - Long handle helps you wash feet ...


Lifestyle Essen. RTL9506 $41.71 / Each

Lifestyle Essen. Lifestyle Hip Kit (RTL9506)

$41.71 / Each 41.71 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Drive Medical

The Lifestyle Hip Kit Contains Long Handled Bath Sponge (item # RTL1020), Poly Stocking Aid (item # RTL2012), Super Arm Reacher. 32"" (item # RTL5021), Plastic Shoe Horn (item # RTL2049). Black Elastic Shoe Laces (item # RTL2050)." "Actual Product Weight: 1 lbs; Overall Product Height: 1""...

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