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Mineral Supplements

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Thorne Research B112 $14.25 / Each of 60

Thorne Research B-Complex #12 (B112)

$14.25 / Each of 60 0.237 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Thorne Research

Brain/Nerves (60 capsules) B-vitamin complex with extra B12 and folate B Complex #12 supports energy production and healthy neurological function.* Unlike many multi-B vitamins, it contains the active forms of eight water-soluble B vitamins.*
B-Complex #12 offers a complete vita...

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Thorne Research K170 $58.00 / Each

Thorne Research Vitamin K2 (K170)

$58.00 / Each 58.0 per unit

Sold & Shipped by Thorne Research

Vitamin K2 in its MK-4 form to support bone, heart, and blood vessel health* 1 FL OZ 30mL Servings per container: 80
Benefits: Bone Support, Heart/Vessels Vitamin K2 offers significant benefit for supporting bone health – more than vitamin K1.* Although vitamin K2 offers well-r...