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Helping the homeless MDSupplies

We began as a small group of people located in Highlands Ranch, CO trying to help change the world.

We have since grown and expanded into other communities, with one goal in mind 'Do whatever we can to make this world a better place!'

For those of you that purchase products for the homeless, below are some products we suggest. We are happy to be able to provide FREE SHIPPING on all products below.

Please visit Let's Do Some Good Today for more information.

We cannot thank you enough for your support.


QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Zip Bag Clear  3 x 5ZIP35Dukal Zip Bag, Clear 3 x 5"Case1000Dukal$0.006$6.99Free shipping
Zip Bag Clear   5 x 8ZIP58Dukal Zip Bag, Clear 5 x 8"Case1000Dukal$0.016$16.83Free shipping
Drawstring  Bag white 2-color  nature design 9 x 1075 25 13 milDS200Dukal Drawstring Bag, white, 2-color nature design, 9 x 10.75 (+2.5), 1.3 mil.Case1000Dukal$0.044$44.47Free shipping
Drawstring Bag white  2-color nature design 11 x 17 4 15 milDS300Dukal Drawstring Bag, white, 2-color nature design, 11 x 17 (+4), 1.5 mil.Case1000Dukal$0.064$64.80Free shipping
Drawstring  Bag white 2-color  nature design 17 x 17 4 15 milDS400Dukal Drawstring Bag, white, 2-color nature design, 17 x 17 (+4), 1.5 mil.Case500Dukal$0.097$48.92Free shipping
Drawstring Bag clear 17 x 17 4 15 milDS400CDukal Drawstring Bag, clear, 17 x 17 (+4), 1.5 mil.Case500Dukal$0.099$49.99Free shipping
Drawstring Bag clear 18 x 205  7 15 milDS500CDukal Drawstring Bag, clear, 18 x 20.5 (+7), 1.5 mil.Case500Dukal$0.115$57.51Free shipping
Drawstring Bag white 2-color nature design 20 x 22 7 15 milDS600Dukal Drawstring Bag, white, 2-color nature design, 20 x 22 (+7), 1.5 mil.Case500Dukal$0.140$70.34Free shipping

Emergency Supplies

QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Survival Rescue Blanket3537Dynarex Survival Rescue BlanketCase120Dynarex$0.667$80.08Free shipping
Emergency Blanket Heavy Duty Fluid Impervious Yellow 54x807303Dukal Emergency Blanket, Heavy Duty, Fluid Impervious, Yellow, 54x80Case50Dukal$2.029$101.49Free shipping

Food & Beverage

QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Medicine Cup 1 oz polyethylene Economy4258Dynarex Medicine Cup 1 oz (polyethylene) EconomyCase5000Dynarex$0.009$48.00Free shipping
Knife Medium Weight WhiteGENPPKNAjm Packaging Knife, Medium Weight, WhiteCase1000OfficePro$0.012$12.19Free shipping
Fork Medium Weight WhiteGERPPFKGeneral Supply Fork, Medium Weight, WhiteCase1000OfficePro$0.012$12.19Free shipping
Spork Medium Weight WhiteGERPPSPKAjm Packaging Spork, Medium Weight, WhiteCase1000OfficePro$0.014$14.63Free shipping
Soup Spoon Medium Weight WhiteGERPPSSAjm Packaging Soup Spoon, Medium Weight, WhiteCase1000OfficePro$0.014$14.63Free shipping
Teaspoon Medium Weight WhiteGERPPTSAjm Packaging Teaspoon, Medium Weight, WhiteCase1000OfficePro$0.014$14.63Free shipping
Lift Back  Lock Tab Cup Lids for Foam Cups 10oz WhiteSCCLB3101Solo Lift Back & Lock Tab Cup Lids for Foam Cups, 10oz, WhiteCarton1000OfficePro$0.059$59.77Free shipping
Hot Cups Symphony Design 10oz BeigeSCC370SMSYMSolo Hot Cups, Symphony Design, 10oz, BeigeCarton1000OfficePro$0.084$84.06Free shipping


QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Cleansing Towelette 5x8 Bulk858-1000Dukal Cleansing Towelette, 5x8, BulkCase1500Dukal$0.017$26.29Free shipping
Towel 13X24MPR-90253MedPride Towel 13X24Case100Shield Line$0.182$18.23Free shipping
Medi-Puff Bedside Facial TissuesMPR-97303MedPride Medi-Puff Bedside Facial TissuesCase200Shield Line$0.195$39.15Free shipping
Premium Disposable Bath TowelsMPR-90553MedPride Premium Disposable Bath TowelsCase300Shield Line$0.211$63.45Free shipping


QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Comb black  5 Bulk PackC5Dukal Comb, black, 5 Bulk PackCase2160Dukal$0.015$34.23Free shipping
Emery BoardsMPR-90753MedPride Emery BoardsCase3456Shield Line$0.018$63.45Free shipping
Emery Board Two-Sided  45EB01BDukal Emery Board, Two-Sided 4.5"Case3456Dukal$0.018$63.53Free shipping
Deodorant  Gel single use 10 oz packetPD25GDukal Deodorant Gel, single use, .10 oz packetCase1000Dukal$0.038$38.97Free shipping
Toothbrush 30 Tuft 4  Short Orange HandleTB20Dukal Toothbrush, 30 Tuft, 4 Short Orange HandleCase1440Dukal$0.040$58.14Free shipping
Toothbrush 30 Tuft Clear Polypropylene Bristles Ivory HandleTB30Dukal Toothbrush, 30 Tuft, Clear Polypropylene Bristles, Ivory HandleCase1440Dukal$0.040$58.44Free shipping
Toothbrush CapTBCAPDukal Toothbrush CapCase1440Dukal$0.050$72.73Free shipping
PS10Dukal Shampoo & Body Bath, .35 oz single-use packetCase1000Dukal$0.050$50.51Free shipping
Comb long handle black 652655Dukal Comb, long handle, black, 6.5Case720Dukal$0.054$39.39Free shipping
Toothpaste White Gel Fluoride - 06 oz tubeTP1295Dukal Toothpaste, White Gel, Fluoride - 0.6 oz tubeCase1440Dukal$0.056$81.31Free shipping
Shave Cream Brushless -  025 oz  single-use packetPBS70Dukal Shave Cream, Brushless - 0.25 oz single-use packetCase1000Dukal$0.059$59.56Free shipping
Toothbrush - 46 Tuft White Nylon Bristles Green HandleTB46Dukal Toothbrush - 46 Tuft White Nylon Bristles, Green HandleCase1440Dukal$0.060$86.71Free shipping
Razor Single-Edge Orange handle wclear plastic guardDR03Dukal Razor, Single-Edge, Orange handle w/clear plastic guardCase2000Dukal$0.061$122.31Free shipping
Adult Toothbrushes 63395-2Graham Field Adult Toothbrushes 6"Case144Graham-Field$0.104$14.98Free shipping
Clear Soap Box Non-HingedMILDTSUB1A12NDukal Clear Soap Box, Non-HingedCase144Dukal$0.130$18.74Free shipping
Adult Toothbrushes 73395-1Graham Field Adult Toothbrushes 7"Case144Graham-Field$0.132$19.01Free shipping
Toothpaste Clear Gel Fluoride - 085 oz tubeGTP4661Dukal Toothpaste, Clear Gel, Fluoride - 0.85 oz tubeCase720Dukal$0.158$114.03Free shipping
Toothbrush Holder two-piece tube ivoryTBH01Dukal Toothbrush Holder, two-piece tube, ivoryCase100Dukal$0.165$16.52Free shipping
Toothbrush Holder two-piece tube clearTBH01CDukal Toothbrush Holder, two-piece tube, clearCase100Dukal$0.165$16.52Free shipping
Soap Box Ivory plastic whinged lid holds up to 5 barSB01Dukal Soap Box, Ivory, plastic w/hinged lid, holds up to #5 barCase100Dukal$0.187$18.74Free shipping
Shampoo  Body Bath 2 oz bottle w dispensing capMS02Dukal Shampoo & Body Bath, 2 oz, bottle w/ dispensing capCase144Dukal$0.232$33.43Free shipping
Hair Conditioner 2 oz bottle w dispensing capHC02Dukal Hair Conditioner, 2 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase144Dukal$0.233$33.67Free shipping
Hand  Body Lotion  2 oz bottle w dispensing capHL02Dukal Hand & Body Lotion, 2 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase144Dukal$0.233$33.67Free shipping
Toothpaste 15 oz Laminated Tube BoxedRTP15BDukal Toothpaste, 1.5 oz. Laminated Tube, BoxedCase144Dukal$0.234$33.72Free shipping
Bar Soap Facial - 3 UnwrappedSPU30Dukal Bar Soap, Facial - #3 UnwrappedCase100Dukal$0.241$24.14Free shipping
Fingernail  Clipper  without  fileFNC3275Dukal Fingernail Clipper without fileCase288Dukal$0.242$69.88Free shipping
Mouth Rinse Alcohol Free - 2 oz bottle w twist capMR02Dukal Mouth Rinse, Alcohol Free - 2 oz bottle w/ twist capCase144Dukal$0.249$35.89Free shipping
Facial Bar  Soap  -  3 Individually WrappedSP30Dukal Facial Bar Soap - #3 Individually WrappedCase100Dukal$0.268$26.87Free shipping
Stick Deodorant 05 oz clearSD05Dukal Stick Deodorant, 0.5 oz clearCase576Dukal$0.272$157.11Free shipping
Bar Soap Antibacterial -  3 3 oz Individually WrappedASP4166Dukal Bar Soap, Antibacterial - #3 (3 oz), Individually WrappedCase100Dukal$0.276$27.64Free shipping
Roll-On Antiperspirant  Deodorant 15 oz clear bottleRD7990Dukal Roll-On Antiperspirant & Deodorant, 1.5 oz, clear bottleCase96Dukal$0.306$29.38Free shipping
Hair  Brush Adult Gray 8 long plastic bristlesHB02Dukal Hair Brush, Adult, Gray, 8 long, plastic bristlesCase288Dukal$0.317$91.48Free shipping
Toothpaste 275 oz Laminated TubeRTP27Dukal Toothpaste, 2.75 oz. Laminated TubeCase144Dukal$0.330$47.65Free shipping
Hair Conditioner 4 oz bottle w dispensing capHC3336Dukal Hair Conditioner, 4 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase96Dukal$0.337$32.40Free shipping
Shampoo  Body Bath 4 oz bottle w dispensing capMS3367Dukal Shampoo & Body Bath, 4 oz, bottle w/ dispensing capCase96Dukal$0.357$34.35Free shipping
Premium Toothbrushes - AdultTB-1000Defend Premium Toothbrushes - AdultBox72Mydent / Defend$0.361$26.00Free shipping
HL3343Dukal Hand & Body Lotion, 4 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase96Dukal$0.366$35.17Free shipping
Shampoo  Body Bath Rinse Free 4 oz bottle w dispensing capNRB4586Dukal Shampoo & Body Bath, Rinse Free, 4 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase96Dukal$0.418$40.15Free shipping
Stick Deodorant 16 oz clearSD175Dukal Stick Deodorant, 1.6 oz clearCase144Dukal$0.483$69.67Free shipping
Petroleum  Jelly 2 oz clear tube w twist capPJ4326Dukal Petroleum Jelly, 2 oz, clear tube w/ twist capCase144Dukal$0.581$83.80Free shipping
Antiperspirant 2 oz pump sprayPSD20Dukal Antiperspirant, 2 oz pump sprayCase48Dukal$0.595$28.59Free shipping
Shave  Cream - 15 oz Aerosol CanSC15Dukal Shave Cream - 1.5 oz Aerosol CanCase144Dukal$0.600$86.53Free shipping
Shampoo and Body Bath 8 oz Bottle w dispensing capMS08Dukal Shampoo and Body Bath, 8 oz, Bottle w/ dispensing capCase48Dukal$0.619$29.73Free shipping
Hair Conditioner 8 oz w dispensing capHC08Dukal Hair Conditioner, 8 oz w/ dispensing capCase48Dukal$0.675$32.40Free shipping
Shampoo  Body Bath Rinse Free 8 oz  bottle w dispensing capNR08Dukal Shampoo & Body Bath, Rinse Free, 8 oz bottle w/ dispensing capCase48Dukal$0.714$34.30Free shipping
Antiperspirant 4 oz pump sprayPSD40Dukal Antiperspirant, 4 oz pump sprayCase48Dukal$0.916$43.98Free shipping
Shave Cream -  11 oz Aerosol CanSC110Dukal Shave Cream - 11 oz Aerosol CanCase48Dukal$1.138$54.63Free shipping
Basic Admission Kit  Travel KitTravel KitDawn Mist Basic Admission Kit / Travel KitCase24Dukal$6.441$154.59Free shipping

Mobility Assistance

QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Folding Cane5950A-4Graham Field Folding CaneCase4Graham-Field$8.91$35.64Free shipping

Wound & Skin Care

QtyProduct IDBrand / Product Name (click to see detail)UofMUnitsVendorperUnitPrice
Sting Relief Pad Medium 2 ply856-1000Dukal Sting Relief Pad, Medium, 2 plyCase9000Dukal$0.004$43.62Free shipping
Cotton Fill Gauze Sponge 2x2 8 ply Sterile2283Dukal Cotton Fill Gauze Sponge, 2x2, 8 ply, SterileCase5000Dukal$0.008$41.53Free shipping
Caliber Plastic Adhesive Bandage 1x3 Sterile7617Dukal Caliber Plastic Adhesive Bandage, 1x3, SterileCase2400Dukal$0.016$40.38Free shipping
Vitamin A  D 5G Foil PacketMPR-30452MedPride Vitamin A & D 5G. Foil PacketCase864Shield Line$0.048$41.85Free shipping
White Petrolatum - 5G Foil PacketMPR-30202MedPride White Petrolatum - 5G. Foil PacketCase864Shield Line$0.05$43.20Free shipping
Bacitracin Zinc - 9G Foil PacketMPR-30352MedPride Bacitracin Zinc - .9G Foil PacketCase1728Shield Line$0.069$120.15Free shipping
Triple Antibiotic - 5G Foil PacketMPR-30252MedPride Triple Antibiotic - .5G Foil PacketCase1728Shield Line$0.077$133.65Free shipping
Basic Care Conforming Stretch Gauze 28517Dukal Basic Care Conforming Stretch Gauze, 2Case96Dukal$0.100$9.67Free shipping
En-Shield Barrier Cream - 35 Oz - 38MPR-30664MedPride En-Shield Barrier Cream - 3.5 Oz - 3.8%Case24Shield Line$1.518$36.45Free shipping

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