Wound Care - Stretch Gauze Bandages

Wound Care - Stretch Gauze Bandages

Wound Care Stretch Gauze Bandages

There are areas of the body that offer special challenges when they need to be bandaged. This is usually due to the prevailing body contours or the location and type of the wound. This is where stretch gauze bandage roll comes in handy. Common areas that are difficult to bandage include the head and limbs because of their varying anatomical contours.

The stretch ability of this gauze bandage is made possible by using some elastic material incorporated in the gauze. This can either be latex or non-latex. Having both latex and non-latex stretch gauze bandage in stock is important so that people who are sensitive to natural rubber latex are taken care of through the latex-free type.

While choosing stretch gauze bandages consider a type that will offer some degree of compression. This will make sure that the bandage will hold firm and will not slip where there is a change of contour on the area of dressing. The bandage should also not leave lint material as this can be a source of wound infection and other complications.

There are many sizes of stretch gauze bandage rolls to choose from. For best results choose the right size for the right size and location of the wound. The smallest are only 2 inches wide and the biggest is 6 inches wide. The length varies.

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