Wound Care - Cohesive Bandages

Wound Care - Cohesive Bandages

Wound Care Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive bandages play a major role in wound and skin care. Relative compression of the wound site is important in certain situations such as where swelling, bleeding or exudate is an issue. With good compression, these wound related problems are greatly minimized without compromising the circulation of the affected part.

Types of Cohesive Bandages

There are many types of cohesive bandages. Each type has its unique features and it is designed to address specific conditions in wound care. Common types include:

  • Self-adherent cohesive bandages. This type is stretchable. It provides good compression by sticking to itself without adhering to the skin or other surrounding material. Removal is easy and it can easily be cut by hands without the need of using scissors or blades.
  • Gauze roll bandages. These are normally non-adherent. They offer good absorbing properties and are a good choice where exudate is heavy and bandages have to be changed more frequently.
  • Calamine and zinc impregnated cohesive bandages. The two substances are good in promoting wound healing. It is however, important to ascertain that a patient is not sensitive to any of the two before using it.
  • Boot cohesive bandages. These are specially made to cater for leg ulcers care. The bandages can be left in place for up to seven days depending on the state of the wound.

Other things to consider depending on the target market and tastes are the length of the cohesive bandages and their colors. At MDSupplies all types of cohesive bandages are available.