Wound Care - Adhesive Bandages

Wound Care - Adhesive Bandages

Wound Care Adhesive Bandages

The outcome of any wound depends on the type of care it is given. It doesn't matter whether the wound is surgical, traumatic or infective in nature. In addition to other measures employed to ensure that the wound heals fast and properly, the right wound covering must be used. An important part of wound care is the type of adhesive bandages used.

Types of Adhesive Bandages

The main difference in the various types of adhesive bandages in the market is the size and the nature/make. The size to be used is determined by the size of the wound. Smaller wounds will need small sized bandages while it will be economical to use big sized bandages for bigger wounds. Adhesive bandage sizes range from as small as 3/8 by 1.5 inches to as big as 2 by 4.5 inches. These are the more common types of bandages.

There are bandages made for special areas of the body. These include fingertip bandages, knuckles adhesive bandages and the eye bandages. Knowing the area of specialization of your customer will help you choose the right bandage for the right job.

Another thing to consider is the state of the wound. A wound with much discharge will need an adhesive bandage with more absorbent powers than the one that is dry or has little discharge.

Qualities of a good adhesive bandage include

  • Good absorbing power
  • Non-adherence
  • Lint-free
  • Should be sterile

Always source your adhesive bandages and other wound care supplies from a reliable merchant and where you can get everything under one roof.