Swabsticks: What You Need To Know

Swabsticks: What You Need To Know

An Overview of Swabsticks - Types and Uses, Before You Buy


Any medical setup, be it a hospital or a clinic cannot work effectively without the use of swabsticks.

MDSupplies has a wide variety of these supplies in stock to meet every medical professional's needs. The types are usually determined by the type of substance used to offer the swabs anti-septic, anti-microbial or other desired properties.

Alcohol Swabsticks

These are some of the most commonly used swabsticks. They contain 70% isopropyl alcohol. A common application of the swabs is for cleaning the skin for procedures such as injections or for venipuncture reasons. The swabsticks differ in sizes and packaged number depending on the end user's needs and workload.

Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks

These are already moistened swabsticks. They are impregnated with lemon-flavored glycerin and their main area of use is the mouth. These include oral and throat irritating conditions.

Oral Swabsticks

These are either flavored or plain. The flavored ones may contain a dentifrice. They are mostly wrapped individually but others may be wrapped differently.

Caution: never leave an oral swabstick soaked in a liquid as this may weaken it adhesiveness and increase risk of the head detaching during use with the possibility of choking the patient or other users.

Povidone Iodine Swabsticks

These are probably the most renowned "heavy lifters" in skin preparation procedures. They are good for removing dead skin, dirt and oil which are difficult to remove with other types of swabsticks. Povidone iodine is also a powerful antimicrobial agent that is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Research shows that microorganisms do not develop resistance against povidone even after repeated use. This is according to Dermatology (Basel, Switzerland) 2002.

Tinc of Benzoin Swabsticks

When it is difficult for dressings to remain in place, Tinc of Benzoin is the answer. When applied on a surface, dressings will not curl up or fall off. It is the perfect sealant for this purpose.

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