Pulse Oximeters Testing Monitors

Pulse Oximeters Testing Monitors


Pulse oximetry has revolutionized patient monitoring as part of the wider patient care efforts. With the ability to show a patient's blood oxygen concentration, pulse rate and the pulse pressure waveform, a pulse oximeter becomes an absolute basic minimum monitoring gadget every ER, OR and critical care room should have. When you add audible alarm system that corresponds with the patient's blood oxygen and pulse status, the need for this monitoring aid cannot be over-emphasized.

At MDSupplies, we have a wide range of disposable oximeter sensors that are ideal for different types of patients. These include:

  • Adult oximeter sensors
  • Pediatric oximeter sensors
  • Neonates oximeter sensors

All these are designed to be compatible with a wide range of pulse oximeter monitors. Disposable oximeter sensors are ideal where the need for pulse oximetry is not for a prolonged period. They minimize cross infection especially in the neonates who are more vulnerable.

Long use pulse oximetry will benefit from the durable reusable oximeter sensor probes. Despite the high initial cost, its long use offsets this cost in the long run.

Different types of pulse oximeter sensors give the physician and the patient an opportunity to choose the most convenient type for them. Choose from hand-held, fingertip and many other types.

Pulse Oximeter Accessories

Dependable pulse oximetry must be accompanied by the availability of necessary accessories wherever they are needed. MDSupplies guarantees this by stocking quality non-leak batteries, oximeter cables and chargers.

PT INR Blood Testing

Get accurate and quick prothrombin time results with our PT INR Blood testing kit. It is minimally invasive for the patient's safety and comfort.

Call MDSupplies today or visit our online store and choose from the different types of pulse oximeters, their accessories and related blood testing monitors.