Prophy Paste and Impression Trays

Prophy Paste and Impression Trays

Are you using prophy paste and impression trays the correct way?

Prophy paste is known to be among the best dental supplies that can be used for the cleaning of teeth.

Prophy paste is known to be among the best dental supplies that can be used for the cleaning of teeth. If you do not want to go to the dentist, you can use prophy paste for teeth cleaning. You may also decide to go to the dentist if you have the time or the resources on a regular basis. In the prevention of dental decay and mouth infection, you should clean your teeth regularly with the use of prophy paste. Most people take prophy paste as an excellent alternative to the visit to the dentist because prophy paste helps to remove the surface stains and also an excess plaque from the teeth.

You may follow these steps if you wish to clean your teeth with prophy paste. Ensure that all the dental equipment that you want to use are clean. You should make sure that you have sterilized that dental equipment that needs to be sterilized. Some people place the equipment in the boiling water to make them sterile. You can clean them by putting them in the dishwasher. Ensure that the instrument is not used by any other member of the family to avoid transfer of infections and bacteria. Your mouth should be thoroughly examined with the dental instruments to evaluate if you have any pain in the mouth. Call the dentist when you notice that you feel some pain in the mouth. This should be done to avoid any severe dental infection in the future.

You may want to use the dentists for your dental treatment if you have the resources and time. Although, dentists have a wide range of dental services and treatment that they offer for their clients. During these services, they make use of some components like the impression trays. Impression trays are very important in that they aid the development of correct crown, bridgeworks or denture required by clients. When using impression trays, different materials are needed which depend on the patient's preference, nature of the procedure, economic viability, the ease of handling and the accuracy of the impression.

Dentists use impression trays in situations where tooth impression is applied on the client. An alginate material and a massive plastic piece are placed in the mouth which forms a mold when pressed against the teeth. The impression is removed from the teeth by the dentist for lab processing where the thermoforming machine are used in forming custom teeth impression molds.

The teeth whitening process is activated after impression tooth trays are formed and cooled by the thermoforming machine.

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