Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

An Overview of Durable Medical Equipment, with Examples

Durable medical equipment (sometimes called DME for short) is healthcare equipment that promises users a better healthcare quality of life through innovative technology. Clinics and hospitals ask themselves when there is a consideration to buy a medical equipment is whether they should purchase a new medical equipment or a used one.

The answer to this question may seem complicated to some people but to others, it is a simple question. Most people do not want to go and purchase a used product because they do not know how effective it may be after little time of purchase. Some people may consider the cost of durable medical equipment and decide to purchase a used product. The cost of durable medical equipment is a major consideration before anyone can purchase one. There are so many durable medical equipment products that can be purchased. They include the following; Walking Canes, Power Mobility, Scooters and Chairs, Rollators, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Lipid/Glucose Testing and Nebulizer Compressors just to name a few.


Walkers are designed to assist individuals with disorders in mobility and stability. Walkers make getting around easier for the elderly, disabled persons or patients who are recovering from illness. The most stable of the home medical devices is four legged walkers without wheels. These walkers require the individual to pick up the device and move it forward, thereafter, the user steps forward with both feet-one after the other, then picks up and move the walker forward again. This method is a slower method in moving around but it is the most stable because it allows the person to keep both hands on the unit with support on two sides. Most walkers are light weight because the unit is made of aluminium.


Rollators may sometimes be referred to as walkers with wheels. While moving in a similar manner, rollators support an individual like when leaning on a shopping cart and walking. The pace at which the unit moves is controlled by the individual. Rollators come in 3 and 4 wheel designs. A rollator with 3 wheels is designed to manoeuvre smaller spaces, but is less stable. Most rollators come with a padded seat. Some have seats that fold up as the person can walk within the frame of the device. Rollators do have brakes. The loop or cable brake is the most common type of brake found on rollators. The pressure brake is another type of brakes that comes with a rollator. This type is applied to the rear wheels of the rollator when the frame is pushed down.


Medical wheelchairs come from the manufacturer of durable medical equipment and are beginning to gain popularity these days among the production and sale of lightweight transport chairs. Wheelchairs are made of an all-aluminium frame making them weigh less than the traditional wheelchairs but may provide more durable quality than the traditional wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are now designed for ease of use and also aesthetic comfort. There are different versions of wheelchairs, they may vary in design, color or seat widths but they possess the same feature.

Read the "Wheelchair Buyers Guide" before purchasing.

A Medical Supply Store or Durable Medical Equipment Store will offer a wide variety of these products and have a wide range to fit every user's budget and needs.