Diagnostic Tests and Supplies Overview

Diagnostic Tests and Supplies Overview


A reliable diagnostic test result is a vital component in the effective management of patients. This accuracy depends on the use of trusted and reliable test kits and supplies. At MDSupplies we have a wide range of these supplies for you to choose from according to your needs. The following are only a small sample of what is available.

Alcohol Analyzers & Strips

Intoxication with alcohol can raise legal/criminal issues. An accurate alcohol analysis can help to acquit or prosecute a charged person. On the other hand, it can help doctors to make accurate diagnosis in patients who may be in coma and cannot give any history. Hygiene and prevention of infection transmission is important and that's why we have a wide range of analyzers that take this fact into consideration. They include:

  • Analyzers with disposable mouth pieces
  • Alcohol (saliva) test strips

Group A Strep Tests

A simple throat infection can lead to serious life-threatening situations when the causative organism is streptococcus type A. taking a throat swab and testing it for that streptococcal strain can save the patient who may be infected. This is particularly important where people live in congested areas such as dormitories and barracks. The test strips we stock give quick and qualitative results to allow early intervention

H Pylori Testing

Confirm or rule out the presence of helicobacter pylori in patients with stomach ulcers. A small amount of whole blood/serum is all you need for our test kits to give you quick and accurate qualitative results of the presence or absence of H. pylori antibodies.

Hemoglobin Tests

The amount of hemoglobin in the blood is important for a person's overall health. Too high or too low of it is not good. The best way to know hemoglobin level is to use a minimally invasive testing technique. Our hemoglobin test kit does not only give the level but it will also give the type of hemoglobin this is very important when managing or screening for diabetes or other blood disorders.

Lipid Glucose Testing

Glucose is a primary source of energy for every cell in the body. Its effective control and balance is important especially in those people with glucose metabolic problems or those under intoxication or starvation. The different types of glucose analyzes kits we have in stock allows for glucose testing at home or in a health facility. There is something for everyone to use in this regard and the level of medical knowledge should not be an issue.

Mononucleosis Tests

The symptoms of mononucleosis can mimic other serious conditions including some types of cancer. Before making any diagnosis either way, confirm whether it is really mononucleosis or not by using our mononucleosis test kits. Use the specimen that is best for you and comfortable with the patient. A mononucleosis antibody test or a total blood count test will help to make an accurate diagnosis or suggest other relevant tests.

Point of Care Urinalysis

Point of care urinalysis is important in many fields. This includes medical facility setup; disease screening surveys, law enforcement situations and in sports. Accurate results are important since an error can have long-term effects on the tested person. To avoid any doubt or denial later, the test kits and associated accessories we stock have options such as results printouts and visual displays. Get a kit with enough parameters for your particular need.

Pregnancy Strips & Cassettes

Early pregnancy can be both exciting and a trying experience especially to new mothers. Occasionally, symptoms associated with this period can mimic or be part of a coexisting health problem. To be sure, use any of our in-stock rapid HCG in urine detecting kit. Their accuracy is enhanced by their inbuilt control mechanism.

Rapid Panel Dip Tests

Now and then it becomes necessary to test for the presence of certain drugs metabolites in the body. Whether you want to test for a single drug or multiple legal or illegal drugs use, all you need is a urine sample and the appropriate Rapid Panel Dip Test strips. Get reliable result for 1-12 different drugs byproducts in urine.

TSH Blood Tests

Determine a patient's thyroid functions and state of their thyroid stimulating hormones with our test kits that offer rapid results with the option for control tests for more reliability. Choose from reliable merchants that include Accutest and CLIVWaived Inc.

Tobacco Screens & Controls

Tobacco use is a personal lifestyle choice. However, in view of the adverse health effects of tobacco use, it becomes necessary to carry out tests under certain circumstances. This may be for youth counselling purpose, insurance risk assessment or as a measure in the follow up of persons trying to give up the habit. Choose from a saliva or urine dependent tobacco screen kit for dependable results.

Urinary Tract Infection

Testing for urinary tract infection is not only important for disease curative reasons, but can be necessary in legal circles. Disease contact tracing and forensic reasons further make this necessary. Get reliable results through our rapid results kit or go for the kit where results take a little longer but come out with controls.

Urine Adulteration Strips

In legal or sports circles, interfering with urine samples with the aim of changing expected urine analysis results is common. This can create legal injustices or competition advantages. Prove urine adulteration with urine strips from our merchants that can detect many of the adulteration agents commonly used. This include Pyridinium Chlorochromate, Creatinine, Nitrite, pH, SG, Bleach and Glutaraldehyde.

iFobt Kits & Controls

Concealed bleeding can be a cause of low hemoglobin level and other associated problems. This becomes a problem when the bleeding occurs high up in the digestive system so that it is digested and assimilated in the stools. Since the presence of such blood cannot be seen with the naked eye, a quick result stool analysis method is necessary to demonstrate the presence of such blood (occult). On the other hand, a stool collection and mailing kit makes it convenient for the patient or physician to send samples to a laboratory for accurate results. Choose from our rapid Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test kit or control kits for results you can rely on.

The above are only a sampling of what is available on our online MDSupplies store. Visit us there and let our staff assist you or ask for a product catalog.

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