Commodes - An Overview of Your Toileting Needs

Commodes - An Overview of Your Toileting Needs

Commodes – Meeting Your All Your Toileting Needs

Commodes help a patient with elimination issues to lead an effective and dignified life despite the disability issue they are dealing with. This equipment comes to the aid of the patient who cannot get to the toilet fast enough because of their limited movement.

A commode is useful for that patient with normal bowel movements but incapacitated in other ways and has to perform their elimination beside their bed with or without an assistant depending on their problem. Commodes are usually used with other elimination aids including bedpans and urinals. They are used both in hospitals, care facilities and in homes during active patient treatment, rehabilitation in palliative care.

Types of commodes

Bariatric commode chairs

A heavy patient needs a more robust chair to perform their toileting in a safe way. Bariatric commode chairs are made to meet this need. Although they are light-weight and easy to move, they can support weights of up to 1000 pounds depending on the type of patient and their needs. Extra wide commode chairs are available for the really big user. For a wide variety of bariatric commode chairs, visit MDSupplies online and see the types and specifications available for your needs.

Bedside commode chairs

Like the bariatric commode chairs discussed above, these chairs are used for assisting patients with mobility or other problems that interfere with their elimination needs. Bedside commode chairs are designed for the average weight user. A good bedside commode chair should contain the following:

  • The commode itself
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Safety support frame

Other features include easy to clean and durability. Transportation and storage of a bedside commode chair is important. For this reason, foldable types are available where some brands can be folded up to four inches only. Depending on your budget, a more expensive type comes with splash-guard, commode pail and cover. They can be assembled in a minute or less without any need for tools.

Shower commode chairs

Hygiene is important to a person with physical limitations. A shower commode chair allows this person to bathe in a safe and comfortable way. These chairs come in different types and regardless of this; all should be stable and strong. Common features include open front that allows effective water drainage and better cleaning experience. Quick drying and rust-free shower commode chairs are preferred for both enhanced hygiene and safety. A patient with standing, bending or mobility challenges can benefit from a shower commode chair. At MDSupplies all types of these chairs are available to meet all types of patients’ needs.

Commode parts

Commode toileting products contain wearable items that need to be replaced to maintain the user’s safety and comfort experience. Some of these parts include commode tips. These are needed to maintain a non-slip commode-floor contact. Other parts come as added options to enhance the user’s experience. These include:

  • Splash guards
  • Commode pails
  • Commode covers
  • Replacement legs
  • Specimen containers
  • Commode pail liners

This is only an overview of all the commode equipment available in the market. At MDSupplies, you are sure to find items from different merchants to meet your customers or patient’s needs.

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