Bathroom Safety - The List of Products You Need

Bathroom Safety - The List of Products You Need

Better Quality of Life Starts with Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety is important for all people. Bathroom accidents have proved fatal in some occasions and have left many people nursing injuries. Others have suffered permanent disability including loss of speech and other neurological functions.

People with existing disabilities are in particular danger of suffering from bathroom injuries where proactive measures have not been taken to prevent it. Installing specific bathroom accessories will help to prevent the risk of such accidents.

Bariatric bath benches

Bariatric bath benches are designed with the heavy patient in mind. It can support weights of up to 600 pounds. The frame is light-weight but very strong and so the possibility of breaking under the weight of the patient is nil.

Bath benches

These are ordinary benches that support weights of up to 350 pounds. They are durable and can be adjusted to accommodate patients of different heights. They come with or without a back-rest depending on the patient’s need and type of disability. Some benches come with a removable back rest.

Other considerations for bathroom safety accessories

  • Should be light-weight
  • Durable
  • Rust-free
  • Adjustable
  • Minimal need for tools to assemble and disassemble them

Bath lifts

These are powered equipment for getting a patient into or out of a bathroom or bench. A good bathroom lift fits into almost all types of conventional bathtubs including the corner types. They should also be light and power consumption friendly. Other considerations include safety, ease of use and comfort.

Bath-lift Accessories

Getting a patient on or off a bath bench can be a challenge. A bath lift fills this need. There are many accessories that are needed to support this task. They include:

  • An adjustable head-rest
  • Bench comfort cover
  • Side flaps
  • Hand control equipment and batteries

Bath safety kits

While individual bathroom safety items play an important role in keeping a disabled person safe, in most cases more than one item is needed to ensure total safety. A bath safety kit is ideal for such a goal and it is also economical than purchasing individual bath safety equipment.

The type of kit needed will be determined by the type of disability under consideration. Common kits contain items such as a bath bench or chair, padded back-rest, handheld showers and grab bars among other items. MDSupplies stock various types of bath safety kits to fit all types of disability and different economic abilities.

Bath stools

Like the bariatric bench and the conventional bench, bath stools promote safety in the bathroom since it is much safer for a disabled sitting patient to wash than doing so while standing. A good bath stool’s height is adjustable.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom safety is not complete without some of the following accessories bath thermometer, bath mats, flange tips for bath stools and benches. Others include hand-held shower diverters and replacement brackets.

Raised toilet seats

Patients with standing or bending problems find it difficult to use an ordinary toilet seat. Raised toilet seats help to solve this problem by raising the level of the toilet to a point where the disabled person can use the toilet safely and comfortably.

Shower heads

These come in various types. They can be mounted or handheld to suit a patient’s circumstances. Many shower heads have various options that can be activated by simply flipping a switch. This adds to the showering experience and above all bathroom safety for everyone.

Grab bars and rails

These offer support for patients with mobility problems. It is cumbersome to have aids such as wheelchairs and crutches in the bathroom and hence the need for these items. They must be strong with good grip for the users’ total safety.

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